1- When washing your hands, close the key when soaping and only open it to be able to rinse and be as brief as possible.

2- When brushing your teeth, use a glass as a measure for this purpose.

3- Repair leaks or leaks that you identify.

4- Consider checking the tub float every week and repairing or replacing it immediately if necessary.

5- Also, try to check the discharge system of your toilet and repair or change it if it is damaged.

6- It is worth replacing the toilets in your office with the latest generation; currently, there are minimal water discharge toilets, which will save you up to 5 liters each time you use them.

7- Disseminate water-saving practices in your office (posters in the toilets, post office, talks between colleagues, etc.) This will generate awareness among your colleagues, and the sustainable culture will be multiplied.

Remember that the conservation of our planet depends mainly on the individual participation of each one of us.

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