We know that by having a good cleaning company in our offices, we get the spaces to be in optimal cleaning conditions, and with it, that the image of our facilities is impeccable.

But it is essential not to overlook another fundamental aspect, such as that the cleaning company can directly contribute to improving the health of the people who work in that space.

We know that many diseases the world spread by contact and that it is enough to touch something that has touched a sick person to infect us.

In our offices, there are elements that everyone touches—for example, doorknobs, keyboards and computer mice, telephones, reception desks, switches. Therefore, we must ensure that cleaning companies carefully clean these objects to avoid or at least reduce the dreaded contagions.

 Hand hygiene for all users helps, but it must complement a specialized cleaning service since bacteria can be in anything we touch before or after washing our hands.

In addition, if the cleaning company does not respect the required protocols, these bacteria can end up throughout the office (for example, if the same cleaning materials we used in the bathroom and the rest of the office).

In many offices, there is another element that can be a source of disease professionally if you don’t clean. Carpets accumulate dust, mites, dirt, and all kinds of stains daily, and therefore, simply vacuuming is not enough; you have to do a wash at least once a year. Of course, it is essential to make sure that the cleaning company does it with techniques and machinery that ensure the extraction of dirt.

In short, professional cleaning companies provide significant improvements in people’s health in addition to improving the work environment, therefore which is an aspect that we should not neglect when hiring one of them.

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