We are currently experiencing an unfortunate environmental decline, fewer aquifers, devastated forest areas, high pollution levels, and little awareness about it. For this reason, it is essential to insist a lot on actions that lessen these effects and seek to restore the environmental balance that we need to conserve our planet and its species.

On this occasion, we would like to disseminate how to save electricity in our home or office.

1- Make the most of sunlight; avoid artificial lighting if you have translucent windows or ceilings.

2- Also, use the windows as methods of ventilation and fresh air in the mornings; this will avoid using the air conditioning for a good part of the day and only use it when it is essential.

3- Promote changing the lighting in your work area for saving lamps, even when these lamps save energy, turn them off when you are out of your office, even for short periods.

4- Disconnect devices that are not necessary for your work functions, televisions, radios, heaters.

5- In the bathroom area, always keep the light off when it is not included.

6- Check the contacts, switches, and lamps of your service, report immediately for their repair to avoid misuse of electricity.

Today, some technologies significantly decrease the use of electricity using renewable sources, solar panels, wind devices. Unfortunately, they are still expensive and unattainable for many people; however, the application of savings and good use cultures are reasonably practical saving methods and do not involve any investment.

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