What’s Included

What’s Included In My Cleaning Service?

What's included in our cleaning services

What’s included in my Cleaning services

The building you manage is your client’s home, and the space where they will create memories for the rest of their lives. Wekleen can part of this by letting us be your cleaning crew. We will ensure that your client enjoy their stay for a longer time.

As part of our cleaning method, we can clean any of the common areas in your building, just as you wish, here is what’s included.

  • Lobby: We know this is the most vital place in your building and that is why we pay extra care to this special area. We remove all the trash, dust mop, sweep, and then wet mop. Spot clean glass windows to remove fingerprints and smudges.
  • Stairs: We first sweep the stairs and make sure to remove all the dust, gums and handlebars. Our cleaning operators will start placing wet floor signs before starting to mop the stairs.
  • Laundry room: We sanitize the washer and drier, empty the lint tramp, and wipe the interior walls of the drier. Laundry rooms get a large volume of usage on a daily basis, so it is key to pay extra care to this section.
  • Parking lot: We sweep the parking lots, remove trash, and dust areas that are not visited often to keep this area clean as much as possible.
  • Hallways: Vacuum hallways and perform spot clean on the walls. This section needs to be clean often due to the daily traffic it receives.
  • Elevators: Remove cobwebs; sanitize the elevators since these get a large volume of daily use. Vacuum the carpet, mop the floor, and use a step latter to clean the ceiling with a feather duster.

Wekleen cleaning services have been trusted by thousands of families over the years. Request a free quote from one of our local operators and give your client a relaxing experience.