Cleaning Service

Wekleen, Inc. understands the importance of cleanliness & making sure everything is presentable. We make sure a job isn’t done until it’s spotless & meets your expectations. We take pride in our work, any task whether it be big or small, we make sure it’s treated with respect.
Our employees understand the importance of getting the job done, but not only that, we make sure everything is done with excellence. The employees who have the privilege of cleaning your expectations are accountable & gracious. They are always expected to give 100% to the task, and the job will always be done.
We created a reputation in which customers are always satisfied with our job, & expectations are always met.
Cleaning Services:
– Daily Office Cleaning Services
– Restroom Sanitation
– Floor Refinishing
– Refinish Hardwood Floors and Surfaces
– Fabric Cleaning
– Furniture Cleaning Services
– Wall Washing
– Green Cleaning Services